23 October 2014


With a budget of $1000 here is our recent competition entry for an underutilized park plaza.

The clothesline is a ubiquitous yet un-designed element within the city. A purely functional result of the need for cleanliness and clothing, it nonetheless straddles the public and private realm, often displaying some of our most intimate garments for all the world to see. It also serves to decorate, however haphazardly, our often drab building and spaces. 

Our proposal seeks to redeploy the humble clothesline as a design element with intention and grace. Grafting onto existing structures, foliage, and surfaces, this clothesline weaves color and life through the neglected  pedestrian plaza. Re-purposed billboard vinyl stands in for actual clothing, creating a resilient and vibrant material that can, once dismantled, find a third life as wallets, bags, place mats, or hats in the hands of neighborhood craftspeople. 

14 October 2014

on the boards

We've added a new "on the boards" tab to our website. Here is a look at a couple of projects we are currently working on...

Empire Avenue Residence
A complete renovation of a split level mid century modern house in the Arlington neighborhood of Empire Point. Here's a look at the master bathroom:

Fontana Lake Cottage
Nestled on the border between North Carolina and Tennessee this woodsy retreat offers expansive views and amble natural light for a newly retired couple.  Overlooking the beautiful lake Fontana in the Smokey Mountains, the program includes a large great room, master bedroom, sleeping loft and large detached garage / studio space.

Southside Cardiology Office
Opening a new office in the South Point Office area, these clients came to us looking for a clean modern space with just a "bunch" of color! Take a look at their lobby:


12 September 2014

alewife: craft beer bottle shop and tasting room

Very excited about our latest project! Props to Kelly and Jamie for not only being awesome clients with a clear vision but also wonderful people!!! Alewife will be a great addition to the Five Points area.

04 September 2013

Office Space for All

For a number of our recent office projects, we have been confronted with what I'd call a sea change in office design and programming that has been unfolding for the last several years. Traditionally, an office was a place for doing work, plain and simple. Rows of uber efficient desks or cubicles provided a place to sit, a desk, and probably a computer to accomplish the day's tasks. The more worker bees you could cram into a space, the higher the productivity per square foot, right? Apart from being widely parodied in films from Monty Python's "The Meaning of Life" to "Office Space", that perspective has come under fire recently as researchers delve further and further into the complex chemistry of the workplace and what real productivity looks like. They discovered that, far from being only a task-oriented place of execution, a workplace is more like a microcosm of the wider world, where a variety of people with various learning and working styles interact in complex and multifaceted ways. In effect everything matters: from how you sit (ergonomics), to the color of the walls (mood effects), to how much sitting and standing you do (why sit at all?), to whether you even need a desk or dedicated workspace of your own! Google has codified the alternative workplace in its various headquarters and Google-plexi where ping pong tables, juice bars, cafes, and lounge seating are likely to be found at every turn. Offices are places for people. They are tools, like a stapler or computer, for accomplishing work productively. As such, office spaces need to facilitate the wide variety of working styles, personalities, and ways to interact that encompass a rich working environment. If nothing else, a good office design can provide variety, allowing one to simply change venue to help clear a mental block or re-approach a difficult problem. This recent Fast Company article explores the truly nuanced art of office space design. Even large furniture manufacturers are taking note, offering flexible workstations and a huge line of seating options that broaden the possibilities for the workplace environment.

06 May 2013

Etsy Favorites!

Spring is in the air and Mother's Day is quickly approaching! Take a peek at some of our favorite etsy finds:

1. Lime Chevron and Neon Red Diamond Hemp Pillows
the print society: hand printed textiles
2. The World Coming Together art print
designed by yoni: graphic art  

1. Austfonna Maple Rocking Chair
dzierlenga furniture: future heirloom furniture

2. Palafitte Table in White Oak with lacquered top in Lavender Gray
jb + dg: furniture 

1. Aqua Fade Bowl Set 
up in the air somewhere: ceramics & housewares

2. Handmade Turquoise Floral Lace Tumbler 
burning fork studio hand-built lace pottery and ceramic jewelry

1. Wood Clutch: ROSE
tesler + mendelovitch: wood, leather and metal 

2. Tote and Backpack    
ada blackjack: bags and leather goods

1. Pendant lighting fixture: Gramophone - White Clay
ligh texture: designer lamps and lighting

Vintage Soviet mechanical alarm clock "Vitjaz"  
cute old things: lovely vintage finds

01 May 2013

parklets - green space on the go!

Since One Spark, outdoor public space has been on our minds here at OAD. The event highlighted the lack of accessible, beautiful public green space downtown. Although there are a few parks - Hemming Plaza, the unnamed park behind the library and Jesse Smith Memorial Park next to Dos Gatos - none of them provide an appealing location for co-workers or families to meet up for lunch, let alone an after-hours stroll.  And since there are only three public parks they are also not exactly convenient for people working in some case 5 or 6 blocks away. For us, it's almost unexplainable why a city as beautiful as Jacksonville, with a ton of vacant lots, in a state where almost anything will grow, would have so little park space downtown.

While doing a bit of research for a project we are working on, I came across the San Fransisco Parks to Pavement Program. Basically it's a program design to convert underused or neglected urban spaces and parking into Parklets. Parklets are publicly accessible, re-purposed, open park space which is "available for all to enjoy". Funded by local businesses and residents, they not only add beauty to a street scape but also aid the development of a city. Conceived of as temporary installations, they are quickly becoming permanent spaces which are challenging residents and businesses to redefine the way their streets are used. Setting up parklets in various locations in Jacksonville's downtown could shape a path or "necklace" to connect existing green space along walkable corridors. These parklets could link to the larger parks and create a more dynamic, contiguous and enjoyable street scape.

3876 Noriega Street Parklet (Hosted by Devil's Teeth Baking Company)
Photo by: Matarozzi Pelsinger Builders & Wells Campbell photography
The Parklets movement spawns from an installation by the Rebar Group in 2005 called PARK(ing).  By "renting" space on the street, i.e paying the meter, Rebar was able to convert a single metered parking spot into a simple public park for two hours,  the maximum parking time limit. The installation led to Park(ing) Day, a single day (September 20, 2013) every year when people around the globe create temporary parks in public parking spaces.
Park(ing). Rebar Group, 2005
Here are some more Parklets to enjoy:

3868 24th Street Parklet (Hosted by Martha Brothers)
Photo by: San Francisco Planning Department
033 Judah Street Parklet (hosted by Trouble Coffee)
Photo by: San Francisco Planning Department
375 Valencia Street Parklet (Hosted by Four Barrel Coffee)
Photo by: Great Streets
Photo by: San Francisco Planning Department